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Clipless Latch System for LMT Grave Digger, Son of a Digger, & LMT Roller!

Clipless Latch System for LMT Grave Digger, Son of a Digger, & LMT Roller!

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*Now includes Formlabs Durable latch as well! Are you tired of installing all those body clips on your Losi LMT Grave Digger or Son of a Digger? Well throw those in the bin and switch to this clipless latch system! Check out my other listing for the Bog Hog and King Sling latches! Never worry about body clips again with this unique latching design. This system uses dual latches to properly secure the body on your LMT. The rear latch does the heavy lifting to ensure your truck can take a beating and the front latch keeps the most forward body posts engaged. I performed FEA (simulation) on this design so I expect it to last a very long time barring any abuse. This part is resin printed in Formlabs Tough 2000 so it is closer in comparison to ABS than your typical 3D printed plastic. This design works with both the Losi Grave Digger, Son of a Digger, and the LMT roller chassis. See photos for how it clips on the underside if you have any aftermarket modifications that may affect fitment.

How to Install

*Special Note for this latch ONLY - 50% off your first replacement (full set) since this is a basher and I understand that accidents do happen with these trucks.
Warranty Note: There is an initial fitment guarantee on this item for stock trucks (if you have an issue with it fitting please reach out), but no long term warranty. If it breaks in the first 30 days after receiving it please reach out to me and I can work to replace it at a deeply discounted price. If it breaks anytime after that please reach out and I would be happy to help understand the failure and get you a discounted replacement. Since the design is multiple parts and if only one part breaks I will help you replace that single piece at a discounted rate. I want to make sure my customers are happy so please reach out if you have any issues.

Materials: Formlabs Tough 2000
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