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Clipless Body Latch System for FCX24

Clipless Body Latch System for FCX24

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Are you tired of those annoying tiny latches on your FCX24? Want to never use them again? This clipless latch system attaches easily with genuine 3M double sided tape onto your FCX24. It snaps over the lower portion of the chassis and allows for a secure hold on the body without using the annoying stock latches. It is recommended that you cut the stock latches so you can completely remove that pain from your life (although you can leave them if you like for whatever reason). Simply hold the front wheels down and pull up on the body to pop the latch free. Under normal use this design can take tumbles and rolls and only opens when you want it to. When running trails or crawling the latch stays secure and holds the body in place. This part is resin printed in Formlabs Tough 2000 so it is closer in comparison to ABS than your typical 3D printed plastic.

How to Install:

Formlabs Tough 2000
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