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Clipless Body Mounts for SCX10 PRO

Clipless Body Mounts for SCX10 PRO

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Are you done with body clips? Get rid of them and go clipless with my clipless body mounting system! Simple as twisting 90 degrees to either lock or unlock the body mounts and get access to underneath your body. The best part is the body side pieces stay attached to the body so you never have to worry about losing anything out on the trail again. Select the "Cliffhanger" option if you are using a body other than the SCX10 Pro body from Axial. The cliffhanger option includes 4 rear body side pieces instead of the extended pieces and spacers that is included on the Pro Kit. Take a look at the photos and be sure to watch the installation video below for more details. All the pieces are resin printed on Formlabs 3D printers using either Tough 2000 or Durable resin with the exception of the front black spacers on the SCX10 Pro body version (those are FDM in PETG). What this means is that these aren't your average 3D printed parts and they are built to last.

Installation Video:

Warranty Note: There is an initial fitment guarantee on this item for stock trucks (if you have an issue with it fitting please reach out). The chassis side posts have a 30 day warranty (the clear parts). If the body side breaks in the first 30 days after receiving it please reach out to me and I can work to replace it at a deeply discounted price. If it breaks anytime after that please reach out and I would be happy to help understand the failure and get you a discounted replacement. Since the design is multiple parts and if only one part breaks I will help you replace that single piece at a discounted rate. I want to make sure my customers are happy so please reach out if you have any issues.
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